About Omsul Publishers

About Omsul Publishers

Omsul Publishers is a new publishing house founded in January 2017. It is an effort to provide the platform for the budding writers and publish the best literature and general books.

Omsul Publisher started this exercise of creating an opportunity for the love of writing. Omsul publishers and distributor is a professional team where all the members are highly qualified and best in their profession. So, ensure that your book gets the best and we will provide best possible work. The most significant part of Omsul Publishers is the strong editorial team with its Editorial team headed by prominent journalists. Omsul Publishers is now open for new manuscripts. So, now get a chance to share your story with ‘Thinkers Garden’

We are committed to good work and strong support for the new writers.

Join us, let’s work together; let’s grow together.

Let’s not forget this is a thinker’s paradise as you have just entered the ‘Thinkers Garden’

Our Creative Team

Om Parkash Chandel

He began his career when he was just 14 and since then, has held a number of senior positions across the company, having lived and worked across India prior to being named Managing Director of a school in Panjab. He has worked in a number of key roles for the company including in strategy & MA, finance and accounting, building ideas from start up to scale. A poet, a thinker who does let the ears feels what they are meant for.


Bharti grew up in Chandigarh and is a graduate of Panjab University. She joined an advertising agency and later on started working as the PR Head for the bestselling Author Parvesh Chandel in 2015. Bharti is a poet herself and has found her love in the world of publishing. She believes good writing can help come out of your greatest low. Her soul has parallel connection with nature and poems.